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Sexual Violence: how to prevent it and what to do about it

Sexual violence is an umbrella term referring to a spectrum of sexual offences, including: Sexual assault: any unwanted sexual touching, or sex with someone who is unable/unwilling to give consent […]

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2SLGBTQ+ … you’ve seen this acronym, but do you know what it means? Or why it matters?

Though the acronym has changed and continues to differ across the globe, it represents all people who fall under a beautiful rainbow umbrella of diversity in relation to gender &/or […]

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Sexually Transmitted Infections 101

Posted by on February 7, 2022 in Men's Health, Sexual Health, Women's Health

As part of Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week, the Primary Care Network (PCN) is promoting sexual and reproductive health. Sexual and reproductive health encompasses the health of an individual’s […]

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