BACK to Action
We’ve got your back! Learn how spinal health and regular exercise helps strengthen your back to prevent injuries, reduce pain and keep you moving.
MicroBreak Your Day
Set your body up for success! Learn how to optimize posture and body movement strategies to reduce muscle tension and prevent injuries. This session focuses on stretches and mobility exercises for desk workers.
Recharge your Mind: Power Up with Movement
Brighten your day with movement! This motivating session will enlighten you to how movement improves mental wellness. Create habits to infuse movement into each day and boost your mood.
Anxiety to Calm
4 sessions: Become less overwhelmed and more at peace. Challenge your thoughts, behaviours and feelings by practicing effective skills to manage anxiety and promote a sense of calmness.
Communicate to Connect
Communicate effectively when things get tough. Discover ways to manage and share your emotional needs to help foster deeper relationships with the people in your life.
Happiness Basics
4 sessions: Live a happier life. Learn new skills and create habits to boost your overall happiness.
Stress-Care: Enhancing Mental Wellness
Manage life stressors with ease. Explore the use of self-care practices to increase resiliency and well-being, as well as tools for coping in the heat of the moment.
Nutrition and Inflammation
Reduce inflammation in your body through diet. Learn about the gut/brain connection and how healthy food choices can improve health conditions related to inflammation.
Nutrition Essentials
Good nutrition is the key to good health. Learn the basics of nutrition, meal timing, label reading & common myths. This session is great for people with chronic disease concerns (e.g. pre-diabetes or cardiovascular disease).
Recharge your Mind: Power Up with Nutrition
Give your brain the nutrients it needs to thrive. Learn the connection between nutrition & brain function. Understand how what you eat affects mental clarity, wellness, and mood.
Improve Your Sleep
Get a good night’s sleep. Learn practical strategies to improve your sleep, develop healthy sleep behaviours and stop unhealthy habits.
Moving on with Persistent Pain
8 sessions: Learn to focus on your life rather than you pain. Develop skills and engage in activities to manage your pain and improve your overall quality of life.
Navigating Menopause
Menopause like a boss! Be prepared and informed on the symptoms, hormones, medication, supplements, diet and exercise for an empowered transition into your next chapter.
Relationships in Motion
Healthier relationships = better overall happiness and wellness. Learn how to embrace different perspectives, improve communication, and better understand your role in your relationships.
Alberta Healthy Living Program
Services for those with chronic conditions in communities throughout Alberta. These services include information, education, techniques, and support to help improve your health and quality of life with a chronic condition.