Your Medical Home

The Bow Valley PCN is part of the Patient Medical Home (PMH), where patients come to access their primary care needs. In the PMH model, patients and primary care providers are partners in care and work together to achieve the patient’s goals. This helps patients to better understand their health condition or treatment. Research shows that a greater understanding enables patients to expand their role in shared decision making and gain confidence for self-management. Patient connection to a PMH ultimately improves health outcomes and fosters wellbeing.

Your Medical Home Team

In the Bow Valley, the Medical Home team includes your family doctor or PCN nurse practitioner as your Primary Care Provider, who work in collaboration with interdisciplinary health team professionals (e.g., nurses, mental health consultants, active living consultants, registered dietitians, etc.) to provide team-based care. This collaborative, shared approach promotes optimal patient-centred care.

The nurses are primarily located in member clinics, while the other PCN Interdisciplinary Health Team members provide services at the PCN offices (in Canmore and Banff).

Your medical home is further supported by Panel Management Assistants, who are integral members of the practice team. They play a crucial role in ensuring continuity of care by supporting the implementation of standardized clinic practices and processes.

Your Medical Home team can assist you in developing a personalized plan to achieve your individual health goals. Additionally, part of this plan may involve referring you to other programs or providers outside of the Medical Home that can better address your specific needs.

Speak with your family doctor or nurse practitioner about accessing these services and how working with a member of the PCN Health Team could benefit you.


Looking for a Primary Care Provider (Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner)?

We can help you find a primary care provider who is accepting new patients:

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