Food Waste Reduction

March is Nutrition Month in Canada. This year we focused on food waste reduction in the Bow Valley. Edible food waste costs each Canadian household an average of $1300/year and makes up one-third to half of all waste in the Bow Valley. While Banff and Canmore both have food waste recycling programs, there is still an incredible volume of what would have been edible food that is thrown out.

Food waste reduction is a great way to reduce your impact on the local environment, save money in your household and support better meal planning which can contribute to a healthier diet with fewer temptations and impulsive eating.

For March 2023, we turned to our community to find out how you are reducing your food waste and received many excellent tips. See below for highlights to help you reduce food waste in your household.


Fruit & Veggies:

Bread, Eggs & Meat:

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