Meet Our Mental Health Clinician: Andrei Dandridge-Evancio!

Andrei Dandridge-Evancio is one of our Mental Health Clinicians. His therapeutic approach is grounded in Cognitive Behavioural, Attachment, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy modalities with an emphasis on Client-Centered care.

What topics are you most passionate about in your work?
I believe in the importance of counselling taking place in the context of a supportive and collaborative working connection. I am passionate about helping clients explore and enhance their awareness of their beliefs and feelings, supporting them to approach life’s situations with increased self-awareness and choice. My work with clients often involves identifying and supporting existing strengths and resources, while enhancing awareness of opportunities and options for making desired changes.

What is a simple thing people can do to enhance their mood and mental wellness right now?
Social engagement and physical activity are two ways we can all promote our own wellness. Connecting with and moving our bodies through regular moderate activity, as well as connecting with others socially can help support our sense of wellness and self-esteem. Engaging in activity and connecting with a community can also inspire a sense of meaning, which can support a sense of direction and momentum through both difficult times and good.

What is your background and relevant work history?
I have earned a Master of Counselling Psychology degree and am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. I am also a certified Music Therapist (MTA) with experience working with people of all ages across several years in the Bow Valley.

What is your favourite thing to do in the Bow Valley?
I am an avid lover of the outdoors and enjoy getting out in this playground we call home to share trails – biking, running, skiing – with friends!

Andrei is accepting appointments to meet with adults 18+  to provide short-term counselling to help improve overall emotional and mental well-being; for example, support with adjusting to life changes and transitions, coping with stress/mood concerns, healthy relationships, and lifestyle habits. Please call the PCN at 403-675-3000 to book an appointment with Andrei.

Watch the PCN Classes Calendar for upcoming classes offered by Andrei!

Please note:
*For moderate/severe mental health concerns or addictions, book with Bow Valley Addiction & Mental Health (AHS) via Access Mental Health 1-844-943-1500, or visit for a directory of local resources.
*For urgent mental health concerns, or if you are at risk of harming yourself or others, please go directly to the Emergency Department at Canmore General Hospital or Banff Mineral Springs Hospital, or call the 24-Hour Crisis Counselling Phoneline: 1-403-266-4357.