Nurse Practitioner

Our Bow Valley PCN (PCN) Nurse Practitioners (NPs) provide full scope primary care services to people across the lifespan. NPs assess, diagnose, treat and monitor a wide range of health problems using an evidence-based approach to their practice. Chronic disease management, health promotion and illness prevention, as well as helping patients navigate through the health system, are integral to their approach to patient care. They work in collaboration with patients and other health team members to provide comprehensive and continuous patient-centered care.

Services: Ordering and interpreting lab tests (including routine cancer screening), writing prescriptions, sending specialist referrals, diagnosing, and treating illnesses for patients from childhood to adulthood. NPs can also perform medical procedures such as pap tests, IUD insertion, suture removals and immunizations depending on training and resources available at each clinic.

Trina Mucha, NP

Trina brings more than 20 years of diverse experiences in various settings, including: family practice, OH&S, military, emergency, coroner and psychiatry. Located at the PCN clinic, Trina is not currently accepting new patients. Read more: Meet our  Nurse Practitioner Trina.

Bekki Hammill, NP

Bekki brings many years of experience working as an NP in Family Health teams in Ontario, and has enjoyed mentoring Nurse Practitioner students in previous roles. Located at Bear Street Family Physicians in Banff, Bear Street Family Physicians is currently accepting new patients. Read more: Meet our  Nurse Practitioner Bekki.

View the Nurse Practitioner fact sheet (PDF) from the Nurse Practitioners of Alberta for more information.