World Mental Health Day October 10, 2021

As we enter our second year of living with COVID-19, Mental  Health is more important than ever – how are we all coping with anxiety  and fear about the health of our families and ourselves? How are we  adapting to changes in routine? What struggles have we faced? How are our kids doing?

Taking care of your mental health may seem unnecessary – but just like physical health, everyone can have challenges – no matter your age or background. We all need a little help sometimes.

Sometimes our struggles are small and taking a walk, enjoying a  cup of tea, or chatting with a friend is all that is needed. But  sometimes our struggles are big, they may include big life changes, grief or loss and more support is needed… in the Bow Valley we are lucky to have a lot of options for free, private support.

For adults who need support:

You can send a text:

You can chat online:

You can call 24 hours/day:

You can walk-in and ask to speak to a counsellor

For those struggling with problematic substance use:

You can call:

For Children who need support:

You can text:

You can chat online:

You can call: