Meet Trina Mucha, our NEW Nurse Practitioner!

Please join us in welcoming Trina Mucha, Nurse Practitioner (NP), as the newest member of our fully-integrated team. We are very excited to welcome Trina into our mountain community!

Trina will be providing primary health care services to those without a family doctor and helping support family doctors in the region. These services include writing prescriptions, performing medical procedures such as pap tests & suture removal, ordering and interpreting lab tests (including routine cancer screening) and diagnosing and treating illnesses.

Trina brings more than 20 years of diverse experiences in various settings, including: family practice, OH&S, military, emergency, coroner and psychiatry.

What topics are you most passionate about in your work?
I am passionate about families, and communities and team-based care. My approach is to first understand your health goals and work with you to find solutions to help you meet or exceed your health goals. Everyone has different needs, and I believe in helping patients meet their goals with a team-based approach. As the old verbiage goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”, I feel it takes an entire community of people positively working together to achieve great health outcomes. This is what attracted me to the Bow Valley PCN – it was so evident our PCN has passionate team members dedicated to meeting the health needs of the community, and I am excited to be a part of it!

What is your background and relevant work history?
Oh man! This is hard to answer – jack of all trades master of none sums it up. I started as a registered nurse in Saskatchewan working in hospitals on medical wards, renal transplants, observation units and emergency. With my strong desire to try new things and an ongoing thirst for knowledge, I decided to take a few leaps of faith and try new areas. My registered nursing career has even offered me opportunities working at a jail and as a coroner! After 10 years of nursing I obtained additional certification and expanded my education to become a Nurse Practitioner. Working as an NP brought a variety of great opportunities for family practice in small rural and remote communities in Saskatchewan. I then branched into Alberta and additional opportunities offering primary and occupational health care to members of the military, and emergency response and occupational health services in the oil & gas sector. After having varied experience under my belt, I am excited to return to what I am most passionate about – community team-based care for families and all ages. As an avid hiker I couldn’t think of a better community to settle and call home.

Rou the adventure Beagle!

What is your favourite thing to do in the Bow Valley?
I’ll have to try a few things out before I can pick a favourite; the opportunities are endless in the Bow Valley! I am an avid hiker and even had the good fortune to hike the Rock Wall trail last summer. I also recently outfitted my bike with winter tires and am trying my hand at commuting in town on my bike as much as possible year-round. I have an adorable beagle who welcomes pets from random strangers and loves to go on many walking adventures! If you see us out on any trails, feel free to pet my beagle and share the name of your favorite trail so I can add it to my list to check out. My goal is to try a new trail or activity every weekend with my significant other.

For Bow Valley residents seeking to see the Nurse Practitioner as their primary care provider, please call 403.675.3000 to book an appointment.