Malnutrition Awareness Week 2021 – October 4-8, 2021

Malnutrition Awareness week is October 4-8th, but what does this mean in Canada? The word ‘malnutrition’ seems like a problem most encountered in low-income countries. It may be surprising to hear that 20-45% of patients admitted to Canadian hospitals are malnourished. When compared to individuals who aren’t malnourished, individuals who are malnourished tend to stay in the hospital longer, are more likely to be re-admitted to hospitals after being discharged and are at a higher risk of death. Why? Because nutrition matters.

Did you know that 1 in 3 seniors have difficulty meeting their nutritional needs? There could be a lot of factors that might contribute to that but here are a few to consider:

Anyone can be malnourished; individuals living in smaller bodies or in larger bodies.

If you answer yes to these two questions, you might be at risk of malnutrition:

  1. Have you had unintentional weight loss in the last 6 months?
  2. Has your appetite been less than usual in the last 7 days?

What can be done?



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