Improving your quality of life when living with Chronic Pain

It can be utterly debilitating to live with chronic pain. It’s invisible, overlooked and many suffer in silence. The Bow Valley PCN runs the Chronic Pain Program, a free program for those who have been living with Chronic Pain for six months or more.

The goal of the program is to help pain-sufferers learn how to manage pain, improve overall function and quality of life. This program does not promise pain elimination, but rather, focusses on self-management through education and a supportive team of experts. The program is 3-6 months in length.

Jarold Ketterer, a patient who has lived with chronic pain for more than 15 years recently shared his experiences in the Bow Valley PCN Chronic Pain Program.

Q: What classes have you participated in?

Q: How long have you participated in these classes for?
Around 3 months

Q:What have you found most helpful from these programs?
These programs have been extremely helpful in helping me cope with my pain. They have provided me support in a group setting and being able to talk to my peers who are also dealing with the same issues I am. I have found it very helpful to know that I am not the only one going through these struggles and to be able to talk about it in a group setting has been extremely helpful.

Kylie and Jolene were beyond helpful with all their knowledge and expertise during these classes and made it very easy participate and take in everything that was being presented. After talking to Kylie and finding out she had dealt with the exact same injury in the past, so she knew exactly what I was going through was very comforting. The exercises that I learned and the coping strategies that were taught have helped me tremendously. I honestly don’t know where I would be with out the skills I learned through these classes.

Q: Can you describe how the program has changed your daily life?
Before the program I was at a loss of what to do and how to deal with the pain. The program has implemented a schedule and routine into my life that I did not have before. I now am following a work out routine that was provided through the classes, a sleep schedule and coping mechanisms for pain and stress. A combination of all of these things have brought more mindfulness, structure and happiness into my day.

Q: Do you have advice for anyone considering these programs?
Just do it! I was hesitant at first as I was not sure what the programs had to offer and I was nervous about being in a group setting over the computer. After my first class I felt more than comfortable participating, and I was blown away by the knowledge of everyone I dealt with.

I was at a loss as I had been dealing with this pain by myself for 15 years and these classes really did change my life and my attitude. There is so much information to gain from attending and everyone who I dealt with has been absolutely amazing. Kylie, Jolene and the Dr. were outstanding in providing me support and knowledge and made me very comfortable opening up about my issues.

Bev and Heather showed support and compassion even just through phone conversations. If anyone is considering one of these programs know that it is an extremely supportive group that provides great expertise and can help you change your life in many different ways.

You can participate in the Chronic Pain Program via referral from your Doctor or self-refer by calling the Bow Valley Primary Care Network 403-675-3000.

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