Earth Day 2022 in the Bow Valley

Keeping our planet healthy is one way we can keep ourselves healthy. In honour of Earth Day 2022 we are sharing some small ways you can help the planet and challenge you to do one or all of them this month!

  1. Walk Without Waste – Take a walk and pick-up garbage that you see on the way; it’s good for you, it’s low impact on the environment and we have some of the most beautiful walking trails on the planet!
  2. Compost – Banff and Canmore both have municipal composting programs with several bins in each community. Collect your compostable food scraps and place them in the bin where they will be processed and turned in nutrient rich soil that is used gardens and hanging baskets in town and in our local parks. Find out about Banff’s Food Waste Collection Program and Canmore’s Food Waste Collection Program.
    • BONUS! The Town of Canmore’s 2nd annual compost give-away will take place on Thursday, May 19 from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. Residents will have an opportunity to pick up some finished compost produced from the food waste collected in Canmore. To manage traffic during this SIY (shovel-it-yourself) event, numbers are limited, and residents must sign up for a 30-minute timeslot. We also ask that you bring your own shovel and containers. To sign up for a timeslot and find out more, visit
  3. Earth Day Community Clean-Up in BanffThe Town of Banff and Parks Canada will provide you with the necessary tools to pick-up waste around your neighbourhood or in the Park in efforts to clean as many spaces as possible. Household compost bins will also be available at the toolkit pick up and drop off.
  4. ROAM Public Transit – Take public transit to reduce the amount of vehicles in town and on our highways.
  5. Check out the Biosphere Institute Community Resource Hub –  For information about environmental stewardship in the Bow Valley.
  6. Protect and Coexist with Wildlife – Find our more about WildSmart Bow Valley to learn about coexisting and preserving wildlife habitats.
  7. Properly store and remove waste to keep wildlife alive – Properly store your garbage, put bird feeders away, consider removing fruit trees from your property to keep wildlife out of the town site.
  8. Be a good dog owner! – Keep dogs on leash when not in a designated off-leash dog park and bring a bag to pick-up and dispose of dog waste.

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