Category: Cardiovascular

PCN workshops forestall risks of heart disease, type-2 diabetes

“Eat close to nature, increase plant-based foods, avoid over-processed products and raise your activity levels.” These are the core messages Bow Valley PCN’s Registered Dietitian Zarifa Salzgeber delivers in two […]

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QuitCore’s collaborative approach cuts tobacco habit

  The aim of Bow Valley Primary Care Network’s QuitCore program is to deliver the tools and skills that lead to successful curbing of tobacco addiction. However, an added bonus […]

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Easy Rider: Banff’s Big Red Bike is for everyone with experience of life (but not necessarily bike riding)

A fun ride on Banff’s 4-seater bike is safe and simple, with adaptable and adjustable power-assisted pedalling, comfy seats with back support and seat-belts for safety. Bow Valley PCN’s Active […]

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