Bulletin March 22, 2022: Physician Shortage in the Bow Valley

Recently we have seen a crunch on our physicians in the Bow Valley. With some doctors leaving the community we are now in the unique position of having no physicians accepting new patients. This creates a challenge for all of us as we try to keep our community and ourselves in optimal health. For physicians interested in working in the Bow Valley, please visit the Physician Career Postings page to find out what positions are open.

At the Bow Valley PCN with the support of our physician members we are doing what we can to hasten recruitment and find ways to help make this community more livable and appealing to healthcare professionals. In the meantime, we are very grateful for our excellent doctors currently living and working in the valley.

To help ease pressure on our healthcare system, those who have a local family doctor but also have a residence in major city centers such as Calgary and Edmonton are asked to consider switching to a family doctor in the city to make space for permanent residents who may not be able to travel for their appointments.

For those who do not have a family doctor, please be patient as organizations in the Bow Valley work to address this shortage. Walk-in appointments can booked with a physician at Banff Alpine Medical Clinic (please call ahead 403-762-3155). Please note that these clinics are not accepting new patients but they do offer appointments for single-issue visits (e.g. urinary tract infections, injuries, STI’s). If you require urgent emergency care please visit the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital or Canmore General Hospital.