Easy Rider: Banff’s Big Red Bike is for everyone with experience of life (but not necessarily bike riding)

A fun ride on Banff’s 4-seater bike is safe and simple, with adaptable and adjustable power-assisted pedalling, comfy seats with back support and seat-belts for safety. Bow Valley PCN’s Active Living and Health Promotion Consultant, Kiley Torti, says, “Don’t let creaky joints, arthritis, poor eyesight or limited mobility slow you down.  Get on Banff’s BIG RED BIKE and feel the wind in your hair. Even if you’re greying you can feel like you’re flying.”Don’t worry if the traffic makes you nervous, the Big Red Bike will be steered by an experienced pilot who knows the quieter streets and more scenic rides.  Even if you’ve never ridden a bike, or think you’ve forgotten how, this has to be the most entertaining way to enjoy touring around Banff’s streets this summer.

Find your inner youth

Last year, in the pilot program, 75 percent of riders were aged seventy or older, including seven people in their eighties and a couple in their nineties, proving it’s never too late to find freedom and let your inner youth shine. While the bike had special appeal for our most distinguished citizens, adult riders of all ages are welcome.

Looking to take the bike for a test ride? Come to our Demo Day and meet some of the bike pilots at the Protection Mountain Picnic Shelter at the Banff Recreation Grounds on Monday, June 4 from 12:00 to 1pm.

Big Red Bike sessions run from June 5 to September 27, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with pick-ups at Cascade House or Banff Town Hall. Pre-registration is required to make sure nobody is disappointed. “Register alone – or with one or two friends, it’s a great way to socialize or make new pals as you pedal,” Kiley adds.  “You’ll have a smile on your face and, of course, you’ll get some easy exercise and fresh air along the way.”