What is the BACKtivity Program?

BACKtivity is a free program designed for patients experiencing back pain. The goal is to reduce symptoms and flare-ups through education and physical activity prescription. There are a number of options available including single and multi-week education sessions as well as one-on-one appointments with an Active Living Consultant (ALC).

Program options:

BACK to Health: Back Pain Fundamentals – Do you have a grumpy back? Come learn the fundamentals of low back pain and how to improve your spinal health. What are the triggers and what can you do to prevent injury and reduce flare-up pain. Treatment options and self-management strategies will be discussed as well as practical take-away tools to help you better manage your back pain.

BACK to Movement: Exercise Fundamentals – This workshop will focus on improving posture, stretching tight muscles and building core strength. An overview will be provided of recommended stretches, spinal mobility, range of motion exercises, core stability and strength. This is a movement-based session.

BACK to Exercise – a 6-week group exercise program building off the principles discussed in BACK to Health and BACK to Movement. NOTE: this program is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

One-on-one consultation: An appointment with an Active Living Consultant is an option for those needing individual support for pain management and exercise guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for BACKtivity?
You can self refer to our program, call 403 675 3000.

Where is BACKtivity offered?
The Bow Valley PCN has offices in Banff and Canmore.

What is the best way to recover from a back pain flare up?
Previously doctors would recommend bed rest but this is a thing of the past. Exercise is the best way to relieve lower back pain. Avoid specific exercises that ‘flare up’ your back pain.

Do I need an MRI or CT scan?
Scans such as MRIs, CTs and Xrays are often unnecessary for determining the reason for your pain. An MRI or CT scan may be suggested by your physician if you have “red flags” to do so. Ask your doctor for more information.