Active Living Exercise Program

Note: The Active Living Exercise Program is currently on hold until further notice – due to COVID-19. Call our office for information about similar options.

The Active Living Exercise Program (ALEP) is a free program to teach you how to exercise safely and efficiently, keeping in mind your personal goals. The program is 8-12 weeks in length.

Who will I work with in the program?

The program is coordinated by an Active Living Consultants who have a minimum Bachelor’s Degree in an exercise related field, plus further specialization in promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing/managing chronic conditions.

How can this program help me?

If you are at risk for, or already have, a stable, chronic condition, or if you have a stable or low risk cardiac condition and need to monitor vital signs while exercising, ALEP may be the program for you. The Active Living Consultant will instruct you on safe and effective techniques including strength, endurance, balance and flexibility exercises. Each session lasts for about one hour.