Breastfeeding Resources

There are a number of options available in the Bow Valley to help support new parents with their breastfeeding efforts.

Lactation Consultant
A certified lactation consultant provides education
and practical support for breastfeeding to parents.
Our lactation consultant is available to meet with you pre- or post-natal and will work with you as long as needed. Request a consultation by calling 403-675-3000. Read more: Bow Valley PCN Breastfeeding Rack Card (PDF)

How can the lactation consultant support you?

  • increasing milk supply
  • helping the baby latch properly
  • fighting infections & engorgement
  • feeding twins
  • previous breast injuries or surgery
  • jaundiced or premature babies
  • babies with mouth deformities
  • education and answering questions

Other Breastfeeding Supports

Bow Valley Area Breastfeeding Supports (Sep, 2021)


Where can I access breast pumps?
The PCN has Medela breast pumps available for a loan of up to two weeks. New parents are responsible for purchasing the reusable breast shield connector pieces which can be found at your local pharmacy. Contact the PCN to find out where breast pumps can be rented locally.

Is there a cost to see the Lactation Consultant?
There is no cost. Accessing the Lactation Consultant is funded by Alberta Health and offered free of charge.

Where do I meet with the Lactation Consultant?
Appointments are in-person at the Bow Valley PCN office in Canmore or the Canmore Hospital.

How do I sign up?
Please call 403-675-3000 to book a consultation, no referral is needed.