Lactation Consultant

Our Lactation Consultant provides education and practical support on breastfeeding to mothers before and after their babies are born. PCN Nurses, based at Mountain Maternity and Family Medicine Clinic in Canmore, follow clients from early pregnancy until after the birth. Our Lactation Consultant works closely with the PCN Primary Care and Obstetric Nurses and at health care providers at the Canmore General Hospital.

Working with you
Our Lactation Consultant is available to meet meet with you prior to giving birth and/or follow up soon after delivery. She tackles concerns about how to increase milk supply, helping the baby latch properly, fighting infections and generally answering mothers’ questions, staying in touch for as long as necessary. She also assists mothers with breast injuries or previous surgery, and those whose babies are jaundiced, premature or who have mouth deformities. No referral is required for this services, contact us to book a consultation.

Birth and Beyond
The PCN Lactation Consultant co-facilities Birth and Beyond, a 3 week session for expecting mothers covering labor and breastfeeding information.