Active Living Consultant

Our Active Living Consultant shows you how building activity into your daily life improves overall health and prevents disease. They put together an “exercise prescription” to fit your lifestyle and goals. With specialties in pain management, stretching, posture, pelvic floor and more, our Active Living Consultant can help you to sustain an active way of life. They will help you find tactics for overcoming barriers and keeping motivated.

Working with you

Active Living Consultant services can be accessed through either a referral from your family physician or by contacting the PCN directly to book in. You may receive an individual consultation and guidance through a one-on-one appointment.

The Active Living Consultant teaches a variety of workshops related to active living, including but not limited to Moving On with Persistent Pain.

All services provided by our clinicians are free of charge and do not require a doctor referral. You can make an appointment with any clinician by calling 403-675-3000.