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Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses (RNs and LPNs), specializing in primary care, chronic disease management and maternity and newborn care

Working with your family doctors and allied health professionals, our Primary Care, Chronic Disease Management and Obstetrical Nurses (LPNs and RNs) specialize in helping you prevent and manage conditions such as diabetes, COPD and high blood pressure. These health professionals also help coordinate pre and post natal care.  If you require access to other parts of the health system, our Nurses can connect you to the resources you need.

Our PCN Nurses work at Bear Street Family Physicians, Bow River Associate Medical Clinic, Canmore Associate Medical Clinic, Ridgeview Medical Centre and Three Sisters Obstetrics and Family Medicine Clinic.

Working with you

You will most likely meet our Nurses in one of our PCN member clinics, or as they facilitate a workshop or support group. You may receive a referral to a Nurse from your family doctor or another healthcare provider. The focus may be on developing an action plan to improve your quality of life, or to reduce the risk and mitigate the complications of chronic diseases.

PCN nurses may do a detailed one on one review of your medical history then work with you to set appropriate goals. If necessary, you may receive a referral for consultations with other members of our team, or to one of our programs or workshops.  With an action plan in place, our Nurses will follow your progress, monitor results and communicate with your doctor.


Many of our community workshops are run by our Nurses. Examples include Happiness Basics, Quitcore (smoking cessation) and Birth and Beyond - A Guide to Delivering in the Bow Valley.