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‚ÄčOur Pharmacist offers advice and education, helping you understand your health and your medications. Along with you, she can put together individual drug plans so you know how to take your medicines safely, especially if you are taking several different ones. Our Pharmacist works in conjunction with other members of our Inter-Professional Team in compiling and monitoring complex care plans aimed at managing chronic conditions. She is also a member of the Chronic Pain Team and collaborates with other health care providers to assess risk for, and prevent, falls.

Working with you

If you receive a referral to our Pharmacist, she will review your medications and test results, correlating these with your diagnosis, symptoms, past medical history, and overall health. She may refer you to some of the PCN's workshops, if appropriate. Our Pharmacist prepares medication schedules and compliance aids, to avoid over or under dosage and prevent confusion. She also teaches the use of medical aids such as blood pressure monitors, blood sugar testing devices and asthma or COPD inhalers.


Our Pharmacist is currently designing some new workshops. Please revisit this page, or take a look at our comprehensive listing for new offerings.