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Behavioural Change Specialist

‚ÄčThe role of our Behavioural Change Specialist is to help you use your knowledge about yourself and your situation to understand the impact thoughts and emotions can have on wellbeing. Our Behavioural Change Specialist works with you to identify the direction you want to take in this health journey, what might get in the way, and what can help you reach your goals. With this insight, you can determine your priorities and what to focus on next.  Becoming aware of unhelpful thought patterns and recognizing and being able to shift emotions can be a springboard for change and readiness to achieve the positive lifestyle choices you want to make.

Working with you

For a consultation with our Behavioural Change Specialist who is a registered social worker, you will need a referral from a member of Bow Valley Primary Care Network's Inter-Professional Team, or through your primary care clinic in the Bow Valley.

You may be struggling to maintain a healthy weight or trying to give up smoking. Perhaps you have been newly diagnosed with a chronic disease and need to adjust, or are struggling with chronic pain a Behavioural Change Specialist can help!

After an initial consultation, our Behavioural Change Specialist will help you recognize your emotions and understand how they affect behaviour and your physical health.


Examples of workshops led by our Behavioural Change Specialist are Anxiety to Calm, Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management and Waking Up to Healthy Sleep.  In addition, she co-facilitates workshops with other members of the PCN's Inter-Professional Team and is a key contributor to the PCN's Best Weight and Chronic Pain Programs.