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Active Living Consultant

‚ÄčOur Active Living Consultants show you how building activity into your daily life improves overall health and prevents disease.  They put together an "exercise prescription" to fit your lifestyle and goals. To sustain an active way of life, they help you find tactics for overcoming barriers and keeping motivated with support from family and friends.

Working with you

You may receive a referral for an individual session with one of our Active Living Consultants, or you may be referred to the Active Living Exercise programs run at Canmore General Hospital and at the Banff Fenlands Recreation Centre. Many people know our Active Living Consultants through one of their community workshops.


Making Friends With Your Grumpy Back, Exercise for Better Balance and Bend & Stretch are examples of workshops run by our Active Living Consultants. They also provide leadership for Bow Valley PCN's Active Living, Best Weight and Chronic Pain Programs.  Our Active Living Consultants work closely with our Registered Dietitians, Behavioural Change Specialist, Lactation Consultant, Nurses and Pharmacist.