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Daubers, Dabbers or Dobbers – get ready to play MHINGO!

Mhingo Score Card

Whatever you call them, standard colours or sparkly, you'll need your daubers to play Bow Valley PCN's  MHINGO game.  It rhymes with BINGO and the rules are similar, but in this game everyone wins!  As for the prizes – trying out 25 positive habits, increased mental wellness, plus the pride of doing something good for yourself is the best prize you can win (though there might be some SWAG available).

To play, complete 25 constructive emotional wellness tasks shown as illustrated squares on your MHINGO card. Based on wellness research, the activities to be completed over the month of April will improve your mental health – mood, resiliency, energy or concentration, etc. - in small ways.  Examples include everything from to teaching yourself something new to unplugging and going a full day without screen time, or spending thirty minutes out in nature. Other tasks focus on food intake and activity levels such as eating a minimum of five servings of vegetables and fruit or reducing sitting time (sedentary time).

Mark-off completed tasks

You will use your MHINGO erasable whiteboard card and a marker to colour off each task as you complete it. All ages are welcome to register and it's anticipated as many as 300 people might join the 'game'.  Bow Valley PCN will encourage everyone to keep playing throughout April with weekly emails or social media posts, updates and emotional health-related messages. As well, if you join as a group of individuals, this will encourage comradery and accountability.  What's more, once you've completed the first month's challenges, you can wipe clean your card and start over again.

While chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and renal disease are lower in the Bow Valley, data from the Health Quality Council of Alberta indicates that the prevalence of some mental health disorders are higher in the Bow Valley compared with statistics from Calgary and Alberta as a whole. "This light-hearted challenge has a serious objective," says the PCN's Randi Lynn Rinaldi.  "It's a free prevention-style, population health program offering a challenge to anyone living in the Bow Valley focusing on improving the mental wellness of everyone who participates."