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Chronic Pain

‚ÄčThis is a free program for people who have been living with chronic pain for six months or more. It will help you learn how to manage your pain and improve your overall function. It does not promise to eliminate pain. The focus is on self-management through education and access to members of our Inter Professional Team: Active Living Consultant, Behavioural Change Specialist, Pharmacist, Registered Nurse and Physician.

Working with you

The program will support you to reach your goals related to active living, coping strategies, medication, stress reduction and other self-management techniques, through one-on-one appointments and group education classes.  These include activity pacing, medication use, relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene and stress management.

How to connect

You will first need a referral from a member of your primary healthcare team, after which you will be asked to attend the Explain Pain group orientation session. After committing to taking an active role in the three to six month program, you will attend a one-on-one intake appointment. This is when you will create a personalized plan, setting out group classes and individual appointments for you to attend.