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Breastfeeding Support

What is a Lactation Consultant?

The Bow Valley Primary Care Network (PCN) Lactation Consultant is a health professsional specializing in the clinical management and educational components surrounding breastfeeding. Lactation Consultants have a combination of education and practical hours followed by examinations and formal certification by an international board.

How can the Lactation Consultant help me?

The PCN Lactation Consultant can assist in the assessment, management and remediation of pain, feeding, latch issues, infection, congenital abnormalities, engorgement, milk supply, jaundice, feeding twins and many other educational and support needs.

When is it best to see a Lactation Consultant?

Most mothers are referred post-partum and can be seen 24-48 hours after the baby's birth and throughout the duration of bestfeeding. In some cases, it is helpful for women to be referred prenatally. For example women who have had previous breastfeeding issues, breast surgeries or other medical diagnoses (e.g. diabetes, depression) may benefit from referral to a Lactation Consultant prior to delivery.

Working with you

services can be accessed through either a referral from your physician or through self-referral. You can simply call our office to book in to see our Lactation Consultant.

Where is this service offered?

The Bow Valley Primary Care Network has offices in Banff and Canmore.

What are the costs associated with services?

The Bow Valley Primary Care Network is funded by Alberta Health. Our services are free of charge.

Where can I rent a breast pump?

The Bow Valley Primary Care Network has Medela pumps available for loan that can be used for up to 2 weeks. Mothers are responsible for purchasing the reusable breast shield connector pieces which can be found at your local pharmacy (approx. $90).  The PCN can also provide information on where breast pumps can be rented locally.