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Best Weight

‚ÄčIn this free program, our team will support you in making sustainable lifestyle changes so you can achieve your health and weight loss goals.  We require a minimum three month commitment from you (with option of up to 12 months).

Working with you

Depending on your goals, you will have access to an Active Living Consultant, Behavioural Change Specialist, Registered Dietitian and your primary healthcare team.  The program will support you with your healthy eating, physical activity and mental wellness goals. This help will include one-on-one appointments and group classes and you will also be able to connect with peers during group sessions.

How to connect

You will first need a referral from a member of your primary healthcare team, after which you will be asked to attend a group information class.  We will help you to create a personalized plan which will set out group classes and, if necessary, individual appointments for you to attend over the coming months, with a review every three months.