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PCN’s Spring Workshops Help Wellness Flourish

​New workshops covering fresh topics and up-to-date information line up with tried and tested favourites (just in case you missed them last time around) to fill the PCN's latest listing of free community seminars.  From managing or heading off chronic conditions to solid information on exercise, nutrition, emotional health and pregnancy, classes headed up by the PCN's professionals, help you build your own wellness.

Learn to Run will encourage you to start your own running program and stick with it, reducing the risk of injury while building endurance and stamina. In Exercise and Medicine, the PCN's Pharmacist and Active Living Coordinator will together explain that exercise can be medicine and how it can affect your medications.  They will discuss the relationship between exercise and Beta Blockers, heart rate, diabetes and menopause management. Stretching and Strengthening for the Lower Back is a hands-on workshop that teaches simple strengthening exercises to relieve low back pain and prevent injury, getting you back into action.

Physical and emotional links

Emotional wellbeing and its link to physical health is the focus of two workshops: Personal Resilience, and Waking up to a Healthy Sleep.  For anyone having difficulty falling or staying asleep, Waking up to a Healthy Sleep teaches the basics of normal sleep and factors that interfere with it, plus strategies for developing healthy sleep behaviors while avoiding those incompatible with a good night's rest.  A two-part class, Personal Resilience, looks at ways of neutralizing stress reactions, replacing them with mental and emotional strength, offering solutions based on HeartMath™ self-regulation skills. 

The emphasis in Mind Matters is on nutritional information, explaining what reliable research tells us about nutritional risk factors in the development of dementia and cognitive decline in older adults.  Craving Change™ is a how-to workshop for changing your relationship with food. In this four-session series you will learn about food cravings and emotional or comfort eating, why you eat the way you do, and strategies for changing your eating habits.

Managing, preventing disorders

Several of the PCN's workshops tackle prevention or management of common chronic conditions: diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart health issues and, new this year, fibromyalgia. Getting to the Heart of the Matter addresses confusion about terms such as cholesterol, HDLs and LDLs, eating to manage cholesterol levels and ways of improving heart health.  A linked class, Sodium and Blood Pressure, run by the PCN's Registered Dietitian, is for adults with high blood pressure (or their caregivers), outlining foods that lower or raise blood pressure and explaining recommended guidelines.

If you have been diagnosed with or have trouble controlling elevated blood sugar levels or maybe you have a family history of diabetes, then Pre-Diabetes: Diet Essentials is for you. In this workshop you can learn about preventing diabetes through positive dietary changes and exercise.

What are the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia and how can it be managed? These questions and more will be answered in Fybromyalgia: Fact, Fiction and Function. Learn about treatment options, pain management and ways of improving your function (or that of someone you care for).

Bow Valley babies

Are you planning to have your baby in Canmore? Birth & Beyond - A Guide to Delivering in the Bow Valley is a two-session offering, focusing on delivering a baby at Canmore General Hospital. It covers management of labour, delivery and breastfeeding.  To participate, expectant mothers should be more than 25 weeks pregnant at the start of the first session. Partners or support persons are welcome.