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Outdoor Circuit

Explore Canmore's Outdoor Fitness Circuit with Bow Valley PCN's Active Living Coordinator

Bow Valley residents who have not yet explored the Town of Canmore's Outdoor Fitness Circuit in Centennial Park now have the chance to discover how to work each person-powered machine.  This summer, Bow Valley PCN's Active Living Coordinator, Shayla Roberts, will be at the Circuit to encourage residents to learn the best ways to handle the equipment to help them reach their personal activity goals. 

On Wednesday mornings (noon – 1:00pm), starting July 5 and running until at least August 2, Shayla will welcome adults who are interested in introducing the Circuit as an appealing way to exercise outdoors right in the centre of the town. No referral is required and there are no fees to pay.

Adaptable and complementary

"The machines work with the user's own body weight to build strength and stamina," explains Shayla. "They are so adaptable that it's easy to put together a personal program to fit just about anyone's requirements. Some may be just starting out; others might wish to complement existing physical activities." Shayla can also offer advice for those recovering from an injury or who want an exercise plan that will accommodate mobility issues.  As well, some of the participants have attended the PCN's activity-based workshops or programs and want to maintain momentum toward their fitness goals after the targeted sessions end.

"The Circuit is great for adults of any age: anyone over the age of 15 is welcome," continues Shayla, "Its downtown location, right next to Centennial Park, means access is very convenient, especially for seniors and parents of young children."  She suggests that parents 'buddy up' and take turns in using the equipment while watching each other's children at the adjacent play park. 

 "At Recreation Services, we are excited to partner with the PCN on this initiative," adds the Town of Canmore's Marg Szamosfalvi. "We really encourage people to come and try out the equipment this summer."

To watch Shayla demonstrating ways of introducing the equipment Canmore's Outdoor Fitness Circuit into your own plans for physical activity, visit

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