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Bow Valley Primary Care clinics accessible for health concerns; Covid-19 testing

However, to reduce risk of infection, services may be provided differently than in the past, so it's important to call your local clinic first to discuss your concerns and how they can be met.

"Not everyone will need a face-to-face consultation. For example, it may be more appropriate to have a phone appointment with a physician or another health professional at the clinic," says Yvette Penman, Bow Valley PCN's Executive Director. "As well, you will receive instructions over the phone on how to maintain safe distancing practices if you have to visit the clinic in person."

More good news is that the Covid-19 test can be done right here in the Bow Valley: there's no need to travel into Calgary.  If you have flu-like symptoms the first step is to complete the online self-assessment tool: or call 811* to find out whether or not testing is required. If that's the case, the next step is to call the local primary care clinic and they can arrange a test appointment for you, with instructions on how to visit the clinic.

Dr. Kendra Barrick, Board member with the Bow Valley PCN adds that "Testing is being rolled out slightly differently at each location.  When you make an appointment, the clinic will share their process.  Testing may not be in a clinic setting, it could be drive through style or in a parking lot. To ensure staff stay safe, they will be wearing personal protective equipment."

Clinics performing Covid-19 testing (call in advance for appointment and instructions): 

  • Alpine Medical Clinic (Banff) Tel 403-762-3155 (available 7 days per week)
  • Bear St. Family Physicians (Banff) Tel 403-762-4846 (Mon-Fri)
  • Canmore Associate Medical Clinic (Canmore) Tel 403-678-5585 (Mon-Fri)
  • Lake Louise Medical Clinic (Lake Louise) Tel 403-522-2184 (Mon-Fri)
  • Ridgeview Medical Centre (Canmore) Tel 403-609-8333 (available 7 days per week)
  • Stoney Health Services (Morley) Tel 403-881-3920 (Mon-Fri)


If you are a local resident and do not yet have a family doctor you can visit or if you don't have internet access, call Bow Valley Primary Care Network at 403-675-3000 (Mon-Fri) for a list of physicians who are accepting new patients in or near your community.

"To help everyone stay safe and avoid the spread of Covid-19, our primary care physicians continue to support, and emphasize, public health measures," continues Penman.  "These include maintaining physical distancing, washing your hands regularly and avoiding touching your face as well as staying home when you are sick."


  1. AHS 811 lines can be very busy at peak times, if patients cannot get through, and don't have internet access to the online self-assessment tool, they should call their local primary care clinic for assistance.