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Bow Valley PCN’s New Medical Director Dr. Dino Smiljic

Bow Valley Primary Care Network physician member, Dr. Dino Smiljic, has been appointed to the role of Medical Director for the PCN.  "Dr. Smiljic has displayed consistent interest and engagement with the PCN since his arrival in the Bow Valley", says Yvette Penman, the PCN's Executive Director, speaking on behalf of the Joint Governance Committee. "We look forward to continuing to gain from his clinical knowledge and his passion for primary care."


Based at Bear Street Family Physicians clinic in Banff, Dr. Smiljic is a dedicated member of the Bow Valley Primary Care Network.   He has participated in Continuing Medical Education events and worked closely with the PCN's inter-professional team members through referrals to the PCN Registered Nurse at Bear Street clinic and centralized PCN clinicians.  He was the founding medical lead for the PCN's Chronic Pain Clinic team and for two years participated as a member of the PCN Board. "Advancing primary care has been a keen interest of mine since graduation," says Dr. Smiljic.  "Contributing to the PCN is a unique opportunity to build on the successes the team at BV PCN has worked hard accomplish to date."


Since taking up residence in the Bow Valley, Dr. Smiljic has also worked as a family physician at the Stoney Health Centre in Morley, at Orion Health in Canmore and at Bear Street Family Physicians in Banff.   In addition, he has taken on an academic appointment in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Prior to coming to Alberta, Dr. Smiljic practiced family medicine in Saskatchewan and Ontario.


Moving forward

Dr. Smiljic succeeds Dr. Nancy Blaney who led the PCN to its current position providing access to comprehensive primary care services in the Bow Valley. "It's been a great eight years being a part of such a grass roots organization from the beginning and watching it grow," says Dr. Blaney.  "First days in the office were just [Executive Director] Yvette and I and an empty desk!  With her hard work we have over 20 dedicated allied health professionals and forty plus MDs.  The PCN is in great shape to move forward to meet the needs of our community in a challenging health care environment." She continues, "Dr. Smiljic is super-engaged, very familiar with the programs of the PCN, and shows great enthusiasm for this leadership role.  I look forward to having a role at the Board level with this dynamic organization that is making a difference in delivering health care in the Bow Valley"


 Yvette Penman adds, "We have benefited so much from Dr. Blaney's clinical knowledge and commitment to PCN activities, both locally and in the Calgary zone.  Dr. Smiljic will transition into the role with support and orientation from Dr. Blaney and the PCN team in late January/early February."